livly package room

Introducing the first unified package management system.

Conquer your resident package mountain with Livly Package Room, a feature of the Livly Resident App. Livly delivers the best-in-class resident package management experience.

Integrated Livly Tech

For residents, the Livly Package Room connects directly to the Livly Resident App’s authorized entry feature for in-unit delivery. It also features mobile access control for convenient and secure package room pick-ups, provides real-time app notifications, and is integrated with Livly View devices for building notices.

Real-time package notifications
Secure access, integrates with Livly Key
In-unit package delivery option
Livly View digital signage integration
Package management dashboard
Best-in-class smart access integrations
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Secure Access Control

Livly keeps it simple and secure. For buildings with smart access, Livly Package Room integrates with Livly Key to provide conditional resident and assigned staff access to the room. For buildings without smart access, Livly configures a single access point for secure entry.

Easy Intake

For staff and mail carrriers, Livly makes secure package intake a breeze:

Staff can scan packages with Livly devices, generating notifications in the Livly Resident App, and place the packages on clearly labeled shelves.
Livly maintains a secure audit trail.
In the case a carrier misses a scan, we provide staff the ability to intake packages using the Livly Property Hub.

Elevate your package room.

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