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Environmental, Social, and Governance

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Our Approach
“Livly’s vision is to be a best-in-class organization that is built on the foundation of ESG. Our aim is to help shape a sustainable future for multifamily.”

Livly’s focus areas reflect our commitments to initiatives across all ESG categories.

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We will continue to enable communities to go paperless through our digital rent, digital resident rewards, maintenance requests, multi-step onboarding, and many layers of our platform.
We will reduce the need for physical key production through smart access solutions that enable contactless entry for residents and guests alike.
We will reduce natural resources required to address maintenance and repairs as byproduct of increased resident retention.​
We will reduce carbon emissions by encouraging residents to participate in wellness and leisure activities within their apartment community through virtual and onsite event and fitness activations.


Reflecting our company mission, we commit to improving the lives of property managers and residents everywhere through a new resident experience that reduces stress, gives back time, and helps people love where they live.
We actively engage and support the communities in which we hold events by partnering with organizations that raise charitable funds for important causes and give back to their local communities.
We will enable equal opportunities for all demographics in our workplace across all positions and embrace an organization of diversity and inclusion.
We will strive to improve the health and wellness of communities throughout the U.S. with our group fitness classes and wellness activities nationwide.
From our Events Division, we will commit to uplifting small businesses and minority vendors with whom we work across all markets.


We will ensure secure transactional payments across our applications with governance to all federal and legal requirements.
We adhere to data protection with the highest integrity in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
We are committed to delivering the highest-quality service and solutions compliant with all applicable laws and standards.
We will continue to provide transparency about our plans, results and contributions to society including tax reporting, as well as engagement with our clients, partners, shareholders and governments.
We ensure an ethical code of conduct across every facet of our business operations from internal workplace operations to all business practices, and all client and partner relationships.
Why ESG Matters for
Multifamily Operators

Did you know?  According to a NielsenIQ Survey, 67% of global consumers say that environmental health and how their movements impact the planet matter to them. Additionally, investors in 2022 are averaging $1 million in annual spending on ESG research to inform decisions, with worldwide spending on ESG Business Services forecasted to reach $158 Billion by 2025.

Regulatory measures are expected to continue to tighten over time with regard to every aspect of environmental, social, and governance. Multifamily property operators who incorporate ESG efficiencies can not only stay ahead of the curve, but boost long-term asset value.

Dedicated to excellence.

Livly is committed to our ESG values and to supporting the sustainability initiatives of our customers. Interested in learning more? Contact our team through the form below.

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