Our mission is to create a better life for every resident and community manager.




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Livly's Values

Think big

Be ambitious, solve hard problems, and experiment along the way.

Take ownership

Be accountable, embrace mistakes, and drive growth.

Stay resilient

Be gritty, work creatively, and celebrate change.

Communicate openly

Be authentic, listen intently, and understand other perspectives.

Learn continuously

Be curious, seek feedback, and teach willingly.

Show respect

Be empathetic, support each other, and look to help.

Be Livly

Be yourself, work with joy, and have some fun!

Livly is proud to be headquartered in Chicago, Illinois

Livly is headquartered in Chicago's Fulton Market District in a vibrant, open space. Our team is passionate about creating impact in the multi-family industry. We're all about hard work, but also work hard to offer great wellness, learning and volunteer opportunities.

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Transform your resident experience.

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